David R. Payne, P.A.

David R. Payne, P.A. is a law firm built upon a reputation of honest, aggressive and comprehensive legal representation. Our attorneys are natives of the Asheville area and appreciate the opportunity to serve both corporate and individual clients in a range of legal matters.

We serve Asheville as well as all of the surrounding areas in Buncombe County and Western North Carolina (Buncombe, Madison and Henderson). We have English, Spanish, and Portuguese interpreters available for all cases. Our primary areas of practice are worker's compensation, personal injury, real estate & deed transfer, traffic violations (DUI/DWI, speeding, etc.), criminal matters (drug possession, paraphernalia, etc.), and bank litigation. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us for a free consultation today!

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Why go with a local Asheville, NC attorney?

Bank Litigation:

Have you been charged with unfair payments from a bank? Have you entered into an agreement with a bank without completely understanding what you were signing to begin with? We can help you avoid becoming a victim in today’s often troublesome economy and reach a settlement that will help you avoid abuse from your lender, while holding keeping the integrity of contractual obligations intact.

Criminal Matters:

Were you arrested as a criminal for possessing marijuana? Facing misdemeanor paraphernalia or possession charges? Caught up in the wrong line of work, and now facing felony conspiracy to distribute charges? We want to help you avoid the maximum punishment (sometimes years in prison) and keep your criminal record clean. Drug charges can be extremely complex, expensive, and extremely stressful. We are well versed in these complexities, so allow us to serve and protect you in any criminal matters!

Personal Injury:

Were you involved in a motor vehicle accident? Maybe you weren’t in a car at all. Was it something catastrophic which is now affecting your livelihood? Maybe your insurance company is refusing to provide you the coverage you need to pay for your medical bills. Whether you’re looking for insurance coverage, compensation, or a settlement from this accident, we are here to help. We will work with you to get consequential damages paid, your vehicle or property damages repaired, and to obtain compensation from the party responsible for your pain and suffering. Let us represent you in any personal injury claims as experts in the field.

Real Estate and Deed Transfers:

Are you the victim of a banking litigation that violates the law? Are you involved in a painfully stressful real estate closing or deed transfer? Whether you are a first time buyer, looking into a retirement getaway, or needing help in commercial properties to refinance a loan, we are the experienced professionals you need to turn to! We have 60 collective years of experience in real estate transactions and can provide the fast turnaround times you need. No closing is too small, and no problems or issues are too complicated. Give us the opportunity to serve you as an individual, in the personable way you need!

Traffic Violations:

Were you pulled over for a speeding ticket in North Carolina? Stopped with a suspended license or driving with license revoked (DWLR)? Arrested because your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level was above the legal limit of .08 while driving in the outskirts of Buncombe County? Involved in a truck or car accident in which your insurance is now being dramatically affected? No matter what kind of traffic violation you have been involved in, let us be your traffic lawyer. We are experts in dealing with traffic law, especially in minimizing the impact on your insurance premiums and helping you keep your license. Whether your case seems as simple as a speeding ticket, or as complicated as a DWI/DUI charge where multiple injuries have occurred, we are here to guide and help you! Whether you are concerned with the long term effects of a traffic violation, the implications of having your license suspended, missing time at work, compensation if you are the victim, or any other broad range of scenarios, let us be your traffic attorney! Traffic violations are not only expensive, but they are stressful and often have long term effects that follow. Being convicted for traffic violations can lead to huge fines and major rises in insurance premiums. We can help you avoid these and get back on your feet again!

Worker's Compensation:

Have you incurred an injury at work? Was there an accident at work that your job is not claiming to be liable for? Is your employer and their insurance company limiting or even denying your coverage? Whether it’s in Asheville, Buncombe County, or Western North Carolina, we are here to fight for you! Medical bills can be a huge burden, and if wages are lost due to an on the job injury, it is only that much more stressful to find a way to pay for them. We will help you recover lost wages, take care of medical bills, and even communicate directly with the North Carolina Industrial Commision (NCIC) for you.